The concept is pretty simple: The traveler performs a service for a host in exchange for free accommodation. The service can be anything the two people agree on: from cooking lessons or massage to website design or house repairs. The length of stay can be accordingly negotiated.

Sometimes a service will require the host’s presence (in case of, lets say, personal coaching). Other times, the service can be delivered independently, such as website design. In such instances, it’s possible that the host will let you use their home, or a summerhouse, without them actually being there. Whatever you two agree upon should be honored. We are here to provide a platform that will help you find a great opportunity and enable you to make a connection with your match, whether you are a host or a service provider.

We are still in the early stages of project development, but are working hard to make it come to life. One of our main goals is to make this platform free for everyone. If that turns out to be impossible, and we are cornered into charging some kind of fee to cover our operating expenses, we will aim to make access fee as low as possible. We are determined, however, to grant our early adopters Free Premium Membership for life regardless of how much we may later decide to charge regular users..


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